Heart of Dentistry 156th Midwinter Meeting Show Specials

Diamond D®

High-Impact Denture Acrylic

Buy 5lbs of powder, get 1qt of liquid at no charge!


Thick Hand Sanitizer

Buy 2 Optimize 8oz. bottles, get 2 at no charge!

Pro-Cure 300

Light Oven

Buy a Pro-Cure oven and light liner, get a masque at no charge!


Mouthguard Laminates

Buy 1 Pro-Form 12 pack, get 1 at no charge!

Gelato® APF Gel

Fluoride Gel

Buy 2 APF gel 16oz. bottles, get 1 at no charge!

Pit & Fissure w/ Fluoride Kit


Buy 2 Pit & Fissure kits, get 1 at no charge!