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Reliable, Accurate and Economical Chairside Relines and Provisionals

Surveys have shown that regardless of the procedure, a single hour of chair time could be equivalent to over $500. This means that if your practice is seeing just ten reline patients every three or four months to soft reline their dentures, it could cost you up to $10,000 when taking into account salaries, disposables of sepsis products and so on. Is your office implementing the most economical approach to relines?

If your practice is not already doing chairside relines, they should be… and here’s why:

  • It’s value added for your practice
  • It’s convenient for your patient
  • It’s fast and accurate
  • It’s a practice builder
  • It decreases patient visits
  • It reduces valuable chair time per case

Soft Denture Liners1

Soft denture liner materials have become an asset to the technician and clinician because of their viscoelastic properties.5 -7 These materials act as shock absorbers and tissue conditioners that can reduce and distribute occlusal forces to the underlying oral structures during function while enhancing patient comfort.3,4,5

These materials may be selected for the treatment of the following conditions:

  • atrophic ridges
  • bone undercuts
  • denture(s) opposing natural teeth
  • reduced thickness and viscoelasticity of the mucosa
  • pain from gingival irritation
  • maxillofacial defects
  • traumatic or

Hard Denture Liners1 

Hard denture liners are generally used in prosthetic dentistry to reline immediate dentures, for selected RPDs, and for interim dentures until a final denture is completed.7 Hard liners can be used when there is an adequate residual ridge, resilient mucosa, and mature and healthy supporting structures. These materials should be selected for the treatment of an unstable and ill-fitting denture.


Keystone’s Family of Chairside Reline Products


Softone™ is a reliable tissue conditioner and functional impression material that restores, conditions, massages, and rehabilitates damaged tissue before a new denture rebase or final reline. Softone™’s unique flow and natural flex stimulate the natural healing process and restore tissue to a sound physiological state. Softone™ allows the denture to stay in the mouth throughout the treatment period.

If the patient has a swollen or sore ridge, Softone™ will massage and rehabilitate back to the patients comfort level. Softone™ is a functional impression material formulated to last up to 4 days in the mouth.


Trusoft™ Resilient Denture Acrylic Relining Material is PEMA formulated, specifically designed as an intermediate liner for patients requiring a prolonged adjustment period prior to using a hard liner or denture base material. Its elasticity will ensure against pressure pain, tender ridges, sensitive areas, and irritated tuberosities. Trusoft™ is formulated to remain resilient for up to 30 days.

Trusoft™ can be used for every patient as a precautionary measure, however it is especially necessary for patients who are slow to heal or sensitive to wearing a new denture.

Patient is ready for a permanent reline when he can exhibit control and acceptance with Trusoft™.


DentuSil™ is a chairside soft silicone relining material which combines the ease of cartridge dispensing with the flexibility and resilience of a silicone soft reline material to provide denture patients with a comfortable, reliable reline in just one office visit. DentuSil™’s silicone base absorbs less water, making the reline more resistant to stains and odors. Its translucent pink color provides a natural, healthy appearance. Adhesive is specially formulated to hold material in place, providing a secure reline in just minutes.

  • No taste or odor
  • Comes in cartridge so there is no mixing
  • Last a year in the patients mouth

Original Truliner®

Original Truliner is a PMMA chairside denture reline material formulated to last the life of the denture. The extremely fine-milled powder cures to a dense consistency and prevents the reline from assuming odors, tastes, or stains. Creates a strong permanent bond in as little as ten minutes that will not chip or discolor. Can also be used for repairs and orthodontic appliances. Powder available in pink, vein and clear.

New Truliner®

New Truliner® PEMA Denture Corrective Relining Material was developed to restore a denture’s original fit in as little as 10 minutes. Color stable and a high density surface guarantee greater patient satisfaction. New Truliner® chemically fuses to the denture in 15-20 minutes and is formulated to last up to one year. Once cured, rebased surfaces can be trimmed and polished like the original denture without showing a line of demarcation. Due to reduced heat, best used for the geriatric demographic.


Masque™ is a silicone lubricant and separating coating agent that is insoluble in the mouth and keeps acrylic from bonding to the teeth when creating relines or temporaries. It is a stable, tasteless, odorless, and non-oily agent. Apply minimum amount whenever a lubricant or coating agent is required. Masque™ is an extremely versatile product!

Use Masque™ to protect silicate fillings, to lubricate rubber dams or tooth prep, to block out material when fabricating denture relines, to facilitate removal of impression materials, to coat hands prior to handling sticky materials, and as a release agent for custom trays.


Cora-Caine® is a pain-relieving dental analgesic adhesive ointment for new or intermediate dentures. The active ingredient is Benzocaine 16%. Cora-Caine® provides immediate relief and a secure fit by soothing tender ridges and relieving the discomfort of sore spots. Acting as a gel-like cushion between the denture and the tissue, Cora-Caine is applied directly onto the denture to provide positive retention and enhance stability.


Universal Dispenser

EZ-Squeeze Universal Dispenser is an economical and convenient dispenser for all your cartridge-bound impression and temporary materials. The EZ-Squeeze Universal Dispenser features five slides to meet all your cartridge needs with one dispensing unit!


Take Away

Use these Keystone Products to fill your chair with new patients or even more crown and bridge patients! Together, we can look at the money your practice will save and find ways to invest it back into your practice. Questions? Contact a Keystone Sales Representative today.




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