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Enamelite will speed up the staining and glazing process

As business owners, dentists are always looking for ways to improve productivity without sacrificing quality. In his CAD/CAM practice, Dr. Kevin Pursel knows that each step of the restoration-making process needs to be performed with accuracy and efficiency. Specifically, Dr. Pursel was looking for easy and consistent glazing of his CEREC restorations when he tested Keystone Industries’ Enamelite Low-Fusing Fluorescent Ceramic Spray Glaze for this Dental Product Shopper evaluation. He not only found that Enamelite was easy to apply with consistent results, but Dr. Pursel and the other evaluators were pleased to discover some additional advantages of this spray glaze.

Ease and Consistency of Spray
Enamelite sprays a thin, uniform, and accurate coat in seconds, and will dry faster than a paint-on glaze, according to Keystone. During the 4-week evaluation period, Dr. Jeffrey Briney and his assistant sprayed Enamelite on 25 restorations in the same manner as they did previously with a paint-on glaze. They were impressed with the consistency of the spray no matter what material they used and that the glaze did not puddle at the margins of the restorations. “We noticed the uniform accuracy of the multiple coats and absolutely no bubbling, which sometimes occurs with other versions of glazing,” shared Dr. Briney, adding, “I never had to polish off residual glaze at the margin following the glaze cycle.”
Calling Enamelite easy and consistent, Dr. Pursel agreed that the glaze didn’t puddle in the anatomy of the restoration, and Dr. Robert Conte said he liked the product’s ease of delivery, describing it as a very consistent glaze. While glazing his milled crowns, Dr. Steven Feigelson said Enamelite provided “a more even coat of glaze [with] consistent coverage,” and Dr. Jayendra Patel commented, “It sprays nicely. I did not get any pooling or bubbling.” A few dentists had trouble with the straw fitting correctly in the spray nozzle, and Dr. Samuel Barr said he would prefer a thicker consistency so that perhaps only one coat would need to be applied.

Time Savings
Typically, ceramic glazes have to be fired multiple times for optimum glazing results. With Enamelite, Keystone says outstanding glazing results can be accomplished in just one firing, resulting in significant time savings. In addition to reduced firing time, Enamelite applies very quickly to the restoration in a simple aerosol spray. “[The] application of the clear glaze was faster than the brush-on glaze that I typically use, which saved chair time,” shared Dr. Feigelson. Dr. Briney agreed and said using Enamelite results in a significant reduction of labor time while placing the glaze on the restorations. Enamelite also dries quickly, as Dr. Briney attests, “The glaze would dry almost immediately… much faster than brush-on applications.” He also found that his polishing time was reduced because there was no puddling or bubbling of the glaze.
Overall, Dr. David Sabourin said using Enamelite “helped speed the glazing process,” and Dr. Conte confirmed, “It is certainly the fastest way to glaze a restoration. From an efficiency standpoint it is great.” Between Dr. Briney and his assistant, he estimates they saved an average of 1 minute in labor time per restoration. “In a CAD/CAM world where doctors want faster mill times and glazing times,” Dr. Briney shared, “any reduction in the overall time is extremely important.”

Final Restoration
“[Enamelite] glazed my e.max crowns to a very nice consistency and gave my CEREC crowns a very nice glaze,” shared Dr. Dominic Raymond, who said his patients were impressed with the quality of their crowns. “The finish is a nice, natural satin surface, similar to the luster from polishing without all the steps of polishing,” remarked Dr. Pursel. Calling it a great spray glaze option, Dr. Conte said it performed as well as his existing system.
When asked to suggest improvements to the product, Dr. Laren Garfield said he did not get a high glaze, and Dr. Briney would like to see it offered in shades other than just a clear glaze. “The product, as tested, was ideal and performed to the manufacturer’s stated features and benefits,” Dr. Briney added. “I only used this product with single-unit cases, but I would definitely use this in my full arch, quadrant and cosmetic cases.”

Overall Satisfaction
Overall, our DPS evaluators were so satisfied with Enamelite that 82% said they would recommend Enamelite to their colleagues. “I have been trying to find an alternative spray glaze for my e.max crowns that would perform and give the same results as [my previous] spray glaze but at a cheaper cost,” Dr. Briney shared. He said his assistant, who is the primary person to stain and glaze their restorations, noticed a significant advantage to using Enamelite over their previous techniques and materials, and their office has since switched over to using Enamelite as their primary glaze. Dr. Pursel, whose assistants also do most of the glazing and firing in his practice, concluded, “My assistants were happy with it, so I was happy.”

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