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Flavor Filled and Mess Free Gelato APF Fluoride Gel

It is well known that fluoride containing gels have been utilized professionally to help prevent and control dental caries. While there are various approaches to topical fluoride application, Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride (APF) offers a practical and efficient approach to providing quality dental care.

There is scientific evidence provided by the ADA that professionally and self-applied fluoride gels is associated with reduced caries in school aged children. The repeated use of fluoride gels provides an excellent source of increased uptake in individuals that are high risk for caries – medically comprised with reduced salivary flow, orthodontic patients, and those with high-carbohydrate diets.

APF gels are formulated as either 1.23% (12,300 ppm) with a pH around 3.5 or 2% sodium fluoride that remains an neutral pH.  Keystone offers both formulations that are colored and flavored, but contain no abrasive cleaning agents that may damage adjacent restorations or soft tissue. Since APF maintains a low pH, the fluoride uptake is maximal in under 60 seconds. This shortened application compared to the traditional 4 minutes, maximizes the provider’s time and patient comfort. Keystone has formulated a unique fluoride gel that is highly vicious and adheres to teeth better than other commercially available fluoride products. Thyxotrophic fluoride compositions are more stable at lower pH and do not run off the tray as readily as conventional gels

Keystone offers a variety of gluten-free flavors including Cherry, Mint, Orange Vanilla, Pina Colada, Bubble Gum, Strawberry, Grape, Cotton Candy, Mango Smoothie, and Marshmallow flavors. The wide variety of flavors is appealing for those choosier pediatric patients and there’s no bitter aftertaste following application. Many patients, including adults, cannot believe how improved the flavors are while still providing caries protection.

Keystone offers easy-to-use fluoride gels available in 16 oz. bottles, with approximately 100 applications per bottle making the applications cost efficient in comparison to an average cost of 50 cents for fluoride varnish.

The fluoride gel is dispensed using Keystone Hinged EZ Fluoride Trays with upper and lower arches attached together promoting full coverage. Keystone’s Gelato APF and Neutral Fluoride Gel has a smooth and creamy consistency preventing patient gagging and ingestion. Since the gel is creamy, it does not run as easily creating better coating the teeth with fluoride and less swallowed during the course of topical application.

Keystone’s fluoride gel is easy-to-use and takes away the uncomfortable four minute chair time and bitter taste patients are normally use to. The Keystone Gelato APF Fluoride gel meets patients taste satisfaction and most importantly, efficiently inhibits plaque build-up, prevents demineralization and promotes re-mineralization to create high quality caries protection and prevention.



Dr. Erica Anand, a native Long Islander, received her Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry with Cum Laude from Stony Brook University. She attended Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine where she earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree. While in dental school, Dr. Erica received the Delta Dental award and was involved in the outreach mission to Chile where she treated underserved children and families. She went on to complete a two-year specialty-training program in pediatric dentistry at Stony Brook University. Her extensive education includes treating children with special needs, dental phobias, and oral rehabilitation under general anesthesia. She maintains memberships of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and New York State Dental Association, and is an American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Candidate.

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