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The Advantages of 1.23% APF Gel in Fluoride Treatments- Dental Product Shopper

2019 might be the year to expand your fluoride treatment options for younger patients. The clinical evidence surrounding 1.23% APF (acidulated phosphate fluoride) gel, specifically, makes it a good option for several reasons.

According to Dr. Erica Anand, repeatedly using fluoride gel provides an excellent source of increased uptake in younger patients who are high risk for caries, including those who are medically compromised with reduced salivary flow, orthodontic patients, and those with high-carbohydrate diets. Additionally, 1.23% APF gel inhibits plaque build-up, prevents demineralization, and promotes re-mineralization for caries protection and prevention. Dr. Anand prefers Gelato ABF Fluoride Gel by Keystone Industries, because it offers these advantages as well as handling advantages discussed later in this blog.

In 2013, a panel of experts convened by the American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Scientific Affairs presented evidence-based clinical recommendations regarding topical fluoride agents for caries prevention. Among those products was professionally applied 1.23% APF gel, recommended in caries prevention for patients 6 and older. While there is a benefit of APF gel application for children younger than 6, the potential harm outweighs the benefit. For children ages 6 to 18, however, the panel was “in favor” of 1.23% APF gel for 4 minutes at least every 3 to 6 months.

For young adults older than 18, there was an “expert opinion for” 1.23% APF gel applied for 4 minutes at least every 3 to 6 months. This means that an expert opinion guides the recommendation, although evidence is lacking and the level of certainty is low. The same recommendation applies to adult root caries treated with 1.23% APF gel for 4 minutes at least every 3 to 6 months.

Notably, all of the studies that informed the ADA’s clinical recommendations involved school-aged children, from 3 to 16 years, except for one.

For busy dental practices, economical and quick application fluoride treatments are key, especially for younger patients. You don’t want to keep them in the chair longer than you have to, and if you’re opting for a fluoride gel treatment, you don’t want to use a product that slides and leaves them gagging and fearful to return.

Keystone Industries  addressed these challenges with the introduction of Gelato APF Fluoride Gel, an APF gel that contains 1.23% fluoride ion. This product has a smooth, creamy consistency that won’t run and thickens during treatment to prevent patient gagging. It takes just 60 seconds to treat a patient with Gelato APF Fluoride Gel, compared to the 4 minutes it typically takes in studies identified by the ADA.

You might be asking, “Why the lower uptake time?” It has to do with the low PH, around 3.5, for 1.23% APF gel. With a low pH, the fluoride uptake is maximal in under 60 seconds, according to Keystone. Another quality that sets Keystone’s Gelato APF Fluoride Gel apart from other similar products on the market is its highly viscious formula that adheres to teeth more effectively than other commercially available fluoride products. Thyxotrophic fluoride compositions are more stable at lower pH and do not run off the tray as readily as conventional gels. Watch the video below to see the tray consistency.

Notably, an update of the ADA guidelines is expected in 2019, so it will be interesting to see if the experts evaluate one-minute applications of APF gel, which was one of the specific areas they wanted to revisit.

Patients of all ages like variety and customization, and Keystone Industries delivers with nearly a dozen pleasant-tasting flavors of Gelato APF Fluoride Gel, from classics like Cherry and Bubble Gum to exotic Pina Colada and Mango Smoothie. Meanwhile, the easy-to-use 16-ounce bottle, approximately 100 applications per container, makes the clinician’s experience easier.

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly alternative to fluoride varnish that stays in place and thickens during treatment, consider Gelato APF Fluoride Gel. Learn more by visiting

Author: Samantha Negraval, published on Dental Product Shopper on 12/18/2018

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