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Air Polishing: The Future of Dental Hygiene

With more dentists adding air polishers to their lineup than ever before, air polishing has cemented its place as a contender for the future of dental hygiene. You can take the next step in your dental hygiene capabilities with the ProphyBrite Air Polishing Unit. Air polishing is quickly growing in popularity and offers several advantages over traditional prophy paste treatments. While paste is limited by the thickness of the cup used to apply it, air polishers deliver a fine stream of powder and water to remove tough stains hard-to-reach places. It also makes the process faster, reducing operator and patient fatigue. With the right polisher, air polishing offers a versatile, faster, easier, and more modern alternative for dental hygiene.

While prophy paste can sometimes struggle to reach the small spaces in a patient’s mouth, air polishers breeze through them with a fine stream of water and sodium bicarbonate powder. This easily removes stains and debris that prophy paste may not reach.

The removal process is also much easier with a ProphyBrite Air Polisher. While hygienists may need to scrub and work out tougher stains with prophy paste, air polishers simply blast the stain away with minimal physical work from the operator. This shortens the time of the cleaning process, reducing fatigue for both the operator and patient. ProphyBrite’s ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling and effortless rotation, so hygienists can easily operate it for as long as they need.

Overall, the ProphyBrite Air Polishing Unit offers several advantages over prophy paste, including easy operation, the ability to reach tight spaces, and superior stain removal power. It is compatible with most four-hole high-speed handpiece tubing systems, and we offer several adaptors to ensure that you can use ProphyBrite no matter what your chairside setup is.

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