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Proven Power: Bosworth Prophy Powder

Last week, we talked about how air polishing is shaping the future of dental hygiene. It offers a quicker, more effective alternative to traditional paste treatments. Our ProphyBrite Air Polishing Unit is the perfect way to experience the benefits of air polishing, such as easy operation, the ability to reach tight spaces, and superior stain removal power. However, the powder you use with your air polisher can also determine the effectiveness of the treatment. For this, Keystone Industries offers one of the most powerful and widely used prophy powders in Bosworth Prophy Powder.

Bosworth Prophy Powder is a fine sodium bicarbonate-based powder, formulated for maximum stain removal power. Sodium bicarbonate has been around in air polishing since its debut back in the 1970’s, and is widely known as one of the most powerful stain removers due to its abrasiveness.

Sodium bicarbonate-based prophy powder is safe and effective for removing even the toughest stains from supragingival surfaces such as enamel with no damage to the enamel itself. However, while sodium bicarbonate-based powders can also easily remove stains from cementum, dentin, and restorative materials, hygienists need to be careful about prolonged use on them. The powder’s abrasiveness can sometimes cause damage to these surfaces with prolonged treatments.

Overall, Bosworth Prophy Powder removes even the toughest stains on enamel, and is the perfect material to use in air polishing supragingival surfaces. You need to be a bit more careful around subgingival surfaces, but it is still very effective on those as well.

Some patients may not like the salty flavor of other prophy powders, but we solve that by offering a variety of delicious flavors, such as strawberry, mint, grape, and orange!

Use the best as you move your chairside hygiene equipment into the future! The combination of the ProphyBrite Air Polishing Unit and Bosworth Prophy Powder makes for a powerful, effective, and easy-to-use procedure that is sure to please hygienists and patients alike!



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