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Keeping You, Your Staff and Your Patients Safe

Now more than ever, the emphasis on keeping good asepsis within the dental office is critical. Of course, clinicians should always be cognizant of maintaining and practicing an excellent infection control protocol, however, with the threat of new viruses, it is extremely important to make certain that you review your infection prevention protocol and you are practicing the best methods in keeping asepsis.

Although it is rare that infectious agents are transmitted within the dental practice, there have been a few reported cases since 2015. Keeping compliant requires a dedicated team, a solid plan and execution. Let’s face it, greeting an OSHA badge rather than a patient creates the same anxiety as getting a letter from the IRS.

Aside from being compliant, it is imperative that your patients and staff feel secure in knowing that you care about their well-being. This, along with delivering the best care possible, is what patients will remember when referring their friends and family.

Keeping surfaces free of cross contamination is a challenge. Therefore, using high- quality barrier products, disposables and more, ensure that you are eliminating or at the very least, greatly reducing the chances of transmitting viruses and other pathogens.

Keystone’s high-quality infection control and barrier products give you security in knowing that you are compliant with CDC recommendations. All products are manufactured using the highest-grade materials and ingredients, while keeping the price point extremely affordable.

Products such as our Simplastic® Barrier Protection System provides the clinician with tear resistant, disposable barriers for chairs, light fixtures, handles and more. Our Simplastic® Unicover is easily dispensed from the Simplastic® Dispenser and applied to any operatory surface that is subject to contamination. The Simplastic® line also features tray covers, sleeves, patient drapes and hazardous waste bags.

Patients are more educated and astute when it comes to their safety. In fact, OSAP even published questions for the patients to ask their dental professionals in regard to infection control practices within the dental office. It is important that your staff members are able to address your patients’ questions and concerns-confidently and succinctly.

Current threat situations should cause us to take a close look at how we practice asepsis within the office and to review the products that we are purchasing in order to stay compliant but more importantly, to protect ourselves and our patients.

Along with surface barriers, products such as sterilization pouches are of the utmost importance. Off-brand pouches from foreign countries may offer great prices, but how safe are they? Keystone’s PREHMA® sterilization pouches feature a built-in internal indicator for determining if the instruments inside the pouch have been properly sterilized. Many pouches just offer an external indicator, which is not a true indicator of the conditions that the instruments have been exposed to.

Our sterilization pouches are manufactured using medical grade paper and are also wet-strength tested-eliminating tearing or puncture when handled. Plus, the cost per pouch can be as low as $0.04 cents per pouch.

Surface disinfectants are imperative to keeping excellent asepsis within the operatory. Before the barrier protection is applied, our Vigilance® Multipurpose Enzyme Ultrasonic Concentrate solution is a must have. Vigilance removes bioburden and contaminants from instruments, working surfaces, sink traps and clothing. It is biodegradable, non-corrosive and environmentally safe! This proteolytic enzyme detergent contains a rust inhibitor, so it won’t ruin instruments or surfaces. Vigilance also meets hospital standards for detergent washes.

Face masks, protective eye wear, evacuation products (saliva ejectors, and HVE tips), patient bibs and the like are just more examples of Keystone’s commitment in keeping our customers and YOUR customers and staff safe at all times-without breaking the bank!

For more information, visit We at Keystone care about our clinician partners and together, we will keep new threats of virus and infection at bay.

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