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The Disposable Advantage: Stopping the Spread

There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a crisis situation with all of the reports of the Covid-19 virus severely impacting our communities and effecting the lives of many. At this time, we must do all that is necessary to protect ourselves, our staff and of course, our patients to eliminate and/or reduce the chances of spreading potentially life -threatening pathogens.

Cross contamination is not a new subject in dental offices. Dental practices do everything possible to keep stringent processes in maintaining excellent infection prevention control.

And, although most people are on mandated quarantines, the dental professional is still on-call for emergency dental situations. This is the time, if you haven’t already, to begin using products that are single-use and disposable in your practice whenever possible.

Using single-use products comes with great advantages, aside from the obvious in reducing the chances of cross contamination. You see, as manufacturers, we take great consideration when providing single-use, disposable products to our clinicians. The measurements are precise for the most common procedures-eliminating a lot of wasted, left over materials that need to be thrown away. Plus, there is a matter of time-savings. The time spent chairside is much less when using single-use products. If you did a cost analysis comparing the two, you may be quite surprised to discover that single-use (or single-dose) products save time and money in the long run.

Of course, it is impossible to provide every product or instrument needed in the dental office in a single use/single dose. Many products and instruments are just not available in those forms. However, the ones that are available, should certainly be implemented. Especially when it comes to infection control prevention and asepsis.

Here are some products to consider:

Dental Rubber Dams: We know that it takes some time to apply a rubber dam (the last time you applied one, maybe it was dental school), however, practice always makes perfect and once you and/or your dental assistant have mastered the task, this little product will be something that you won’t want to practice without!

Keystone’s PREHMA® Dental Dams lessen the use of multiple cotton rolls, gauze and reduce having to rinse frequently. More importantly, it prevents germs being forced directly into your face and become airborne should the patient sneeze or cough. At the same time, it prevents the chances of the patient aspirating harmful matter (or worse yet, that new crown or inlay)!

PREHMA Dental Dams are powder and latex-free, so there is no concern of allergies. And, they are available in thin, medium and heavy thicknesses.

Disposable Impression Trays: Metal impression trays can be very difficult to clean and sterilize properly due to the many crevices, holes, and crimps in the metal that harbor bacteria, crusted impression materials, and more.

Keystone offers several types of sturdy disposable impression trays to meet every impression task in the dental office.

BoTrays® are rigid, high-impact FDA approved styrene disposable trays ideal for any type of impression making. BoTrays also feature organically approved dye and have slotted walls and holes that allow for excellent adherence of impression materials. The unique design of these trays eliminates soft tissue displacement-particularly when its critical- during partial denture and implant impressions. In addition, the handles of these trays are ergonomic, therefore making them easy to place and to remove without distortion or disruption. BoTrays are ideal for all Crown&Bridge procedures as well.

Our Tray Aways® disposable trays are another excellent choice in single-use disposable products for every dental practice. These trays are durable and are easily modified with burs if needed. Tray Always are available in a variety of useful sizes and come in standard full arch, quadrant and edentulous versions.

When it comes to reducing biofilm in water lines, Keystone’s PREHMA® disposable air/water syringe tips are a necessary part of every dental office armamentarium in the fight against cross contamination and infection control prevention. Our precision -made syringe tips sit snugly into the syringe while eliminating water contamination. The perfect seal prevents leakage, cracking and mess and delivers a pristine combination of air and water spray when needed.

Incorporating single-use disposables in your dental practice is vitally important now more than ever. The emphasis on preventing cross contamination and infection should remain a priority even after the Covid-19 threat has been successfully addressed. We must all remember that aside from this current Covid-19, there still remains a number of potential life-threatening viruses, diseases and pathogens that dental professionals knowingly and not knowingly, combat every single day.

Keep yourself, your staff, your family and of course, your patients, safe. Begin using single-use disposables in your practice today.

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